Preparing your pet for boarding at Shelburne Pet Center.



*You must provide food for your pet during boarding. If you do not provide food, there is a charge of $3 (per dog) for Veterinary Formula Purina EN Diet. If your dog requires more than 4 cups a day there is an upcharge of $2 for a total of $5 a day. 


*If your pet has never stayed with us you may want to consider a few trips to doggy daycare before leaving them overnight.  This allows them to get to know us and feel more comfortable during their stay.


*We encourage you to bring your pet's bedding, toys, bones, etc. We ask that you prelabel these items. We will provide blankets and extra bedding as well. 


*Sending your pet with something to chew on will help reduce boredom. If you allow your dog to have bones and rawhides, we encourage you to bring those.  

We also offer Frozen bones and Kongs at a $5 charge.


*To help your pet's belongings stay with them, please prelabel all items such as bags, blankets, toys, bedding, food, and medication.


*Label all medications with detailed instructions. If your dog requires special food to take the medicine such as wet food, cheese or peanut butter we request you bring that with your pet.


*If you would like to write a short biography about your pet's likes, dislikes and personality it would be very helpful in getting to know them and making their stay more relaxed.  Example:  Scared of storms, likes women better than men, picky eater, does not like small dogs, etc.


*Please have all vaccination paperwork ready when you check in for boarding.  We must have veterinary records to board your pet.

Please see our Vaccination Policy to confirm your pet is up to date.


*Please apply a veterinary flea control product to your pet at least 24 hrs. prior to boarding.


*Feel free to come by and take a facility tour or stop by with your baby just to say hi and get a treat so they can see SPC as a fun please to be!

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