Attention all SPC clients...7/13/2017


We have continued to work closely with local veterinarians by staying informed on the canine influenza situation and we are being advised to change our vaccination protocol to include the influenza vaccine. We do not have any flu symptoms currently and we are continuing a strict intake protocol** as well as sanitation and ventilation measures.


As of Sept. 1st all dogs coming into SPC will be required to have the Influenza Vaccine. It requires an initial vaccine and then a booster approximately two-three weeks later. We advise it being done a MINIMUM of 2 weeks prior to boarding, like other vaccines. Vaccinations trigger an immune system response within your pet and that on top of boarding stress will make them more susceptible to picking up viruses.


Please contact your veterinarian with any questions about the vaccination or virus itself.


We are closely monitoring every pet in our care.


Thank you for trusting us with your babies!




**We will not be accepting any dogs for any services that have been to another boarding kennel, the groomer, doggy daycare, dog parks, or any area where multiple dogs have been within the last 30 days. Any dogs that have had coughing, fever, or sneezing with nasal discharge within the last 30 days will also be denied. We will not be boarding seniors or immune compromised dogs in our kennel. We advise at this point that more fragile babies stay home but if that is not an option we will provide a suite or isolated area in the front of the building for those clients. Separate charges may apply.

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