Boarding (Dogs):

$30 per day

$25 for each additional dog 

Boarding kennels have indoor & outdoor access throughout the day and evening. Doors are closed for bedtime. All dogs in indoor/outdoor runs are rotated in the play yard throughout the day.


Suite Boarding:

$45 per day

$30 for each additional dog 

Suite boarding is a separate room away from the kennels. They are in rotation for potty breaks and play yard throughout the day.


We only offer new socialization during daycare. Socialization during boarding stays is available for an extra fee.



Boarding (Cats):

$20 per night

$15 for each additional cat


You will be charged for the day of pick up if you arrive after 12pm



$20 per day - Includes several playtimes and socialization

$85 per week (Monday - Saturday)

$300 monthly pass- Includes unlimited daycare Mon - Sat, weekly Frozen Kongs and a monthly Exit Bath.


Doggy daycare is an excellent way to allow your dog to meet and make new friends. We work hard to socialize each dog with a dog of the same temperament and activity level. 

We allow single doggy daycare, pairs, and group play. 

We guarantee one tired pup when you get them home. 


All dogs in daycare must be spayed or neutered if they are older than 6 months. All dogs are required to have rabies, distemper/parvo, bordetella and canine influenza vaccines. 


Call to reserve a daycare spot today! 



*SPC also boards birds, pocket pets and some exotics.  Please ask for pricing and more information!


$75 per hour (private)

$45 per half hour (private)

Packages available upon initial consult


*In home training available - Call for pricing



We are offering baths that include shampoo, conditioner, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and brush out. Prices are determined by dog's size and temperament.

At Shelburne Pet Center we want to make boarding a wonderful experience!  These add on services are one more way to allow your pet to receive extra personal attention during their visit.  Let them know they are truly a "pampered pet!" 

Pampered Pooch Boarding Services



Park Visit:  $25 Includes a walk at one of the local parks.


Dairy Queen Run:  $25 Includes a visit to Dairy Queen for a doggy cone.


Leash Walk at our Facility:  $5 per 15 minute session


Snuggle Time:  $5 per 15 minute session.  Includes lots of extra love, snuggles and attention.  Great for lap dogs of all sizes!


Frozen Peanut Butter/Yogurt/Pumpkin Kong:  $5 A very yummy treat that lasts a while and reduces boredom.  Highly recommended for ALL dogs!

Fun Bucket: Our summer special! $5 for a frozen bucket filled with treats, water, chicken broth, and a glob of delicious peanut butter. Great on hot days. This treat is guaranteed to provide at least 30 minutes of fun for your pup!


Brushing:  $5 per session.  Great for keeping long haired dogs neat while boarding.


Extra Play 1-1 Time: $5 for 15 minutes of extra play time in the big yard. This can include playing frisbee, fetch, or
simply having extra long yard time. Great for active dogs & multi family dogs.


Socialization: $25 for introductions and playtime with other dogs. 









Pampered Kitty Boarding Services

Kitty Kuddles: $5 for each 15 minute session


Fancy Feline Brushing: $5 for each 15 minute session


Crazy for Catnip: $3  For kitties who enjoy rolling in, eating, or playing with this fresh herb. 



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